Our Story


(Wearing Brooklyn Sunglasses)

Our creator AshLee is a mom, wife and lover of fashion and design. We all know her best from her time on the Bachelor as well as her popular blog, themusechronicle.com formerly known as ashleefrazier.com. With a love for style, AshLee was inspired to create her own line, she has hand curated and designed each piece. Following her passion and her strong desire to connect customers to a brand, ANEA HILL was born.

ANEA is an anagram for the members of AshLee’s family, starting with Aaron, Navy, Everleigh and then of course, AshLee.  When you purchase a piece from ANEA HILL, you are joining the family. 

HILL is a place and a feeling; like when that piece you have just fits. To us, that is the HILL. Our line will be your staples and your statements.  

When your pieces arrive, we want you to feel like you too are an influencer. Attention to detail is important to us. Packaging is something we thought through thoroughly as if you are opening a well-deserved gift.

Wear your piece with confidence.

Welcome to the family.