Introducing THE ONE sunglasses


Introducing THE ONE. 

You know that moment you feel when you have found the one? 

The way your heart skips a beat. The butterflies in your stomach that fade to a feeling of comfort. This is your heart at home

That’s how we think about THE ONE sunglasses. 

They are literally THE ONE. 

AshLee designed these sunglasses based on a pair she wore forever and ever. (We’re talking years, 6+). Obsessed with the way they fit and flattered her face; as well as the high quality of the materials and their durability. Not only are they her favorites, but they are literally THE ONES that inspired the entire line. They are THE WIND’s big sister in a black glossy color with grey tinted frames. They are made in Japan from high quality materials that will ensure their durability. 

Close your eyes for a moment, and think of that perfect day. The sun is shining, the clouds are sparse, and the breeze is cool but not cold. You’re sitting at your favorite brunch spot with your favorite gals. You’ve got on your favorite denim jacket and your new BFF, THE ONE. 

THE ONEs are the sunglasses you’ve been looking for. Their large semi-square frames will not only flatter your face, but be the perfect accessory.  These beauties will be one of our staple pieces, and will be available on a more regular basis, as long as you all love the colors we will be coming out with… hint, hint. We may introduce other colors or variations as we continue the line, but these are our definition of staple.

From the brunch to the beach and everywhere in between, we know that THE ONE will be here for you. Adding flair and classiness to every outfit you add them to. Giving you that “I can conquer anything” attitude and that on top of the HILL feeling. 

Just like your first love, we know that these sunglasses will hold a special place in your heart and wardrobe. We are obsessed with THE ONE and we know you will be too. 

See you on top of the HILL. 

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