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The Birth of Anea Hill

The Birth of Anea Hill

In 2012, my life was on the cusp of a new adventure—I was about to appear on The Bachelor. With the uncertainty of what lay ahead, I decided to undergo LASIK surgery to avoid the hassle of dealing with contacts. Little did I know, this decision would profoundly impact my journey and eventually lead to the creation of Anea Hill, a luxury sunglass brand that embodies quality, style, and family.

Sensitive Eyes and the Search for Perfection

Post-LASIK, I developed super sensitive eyes. I quickly discovered that finding the perfect pair of sunglasses was more challenging than I had anticipated. Most sunglasses I tried either lacked the quality and style I desired or caused uncomfortable headaches. It seemed like there was always something missing—a void in the market that needed to be filled.

This frustration became the spark that ignited the creation of Anea Hill. I envisioned a brand that would not only meet but exceed the expectations of individuals like me, who struggled to find sunglasses that offered both comfort and style without compromising on quality.

The Heart of Anea Hill Both Family and Integrity

The name Anea Hill holds deep personal significance. It represents each member of my family—my husband, our two girls, and myself. This familial bond is at the core of our brand identity. We coined the term "Welcome to the Family" because when you invest in Anea Hill sunglasses, you become part of our extended family. Our customers are not just buyers; they are valued members of a community built on trust, integrity, and shared values.

The Anea Hill Promise

At Anea Hill, we believe that style can only take you so far. True luxury lies in the details, the craftsmanship, and the commitment to quality. Our sunglasses are handcrafted from a derivative of cotton, making them not only sustainable but also durable and unique. The meticulous 6-9 month handmade process ensures that each pair of sunglasses meets our high standards of excellence.

Slow Fashion With A Sustainable Approach

In an age of fast fashion, Anea Hill stands as a beacon of slow fashion. We are committed to creating products that are not only stylish but also sustainable and ethical. Our approach to slow fashion means that we prioritize quality over quantity, focusing on creating timeless pieces that our customers can cherish for years to come. This sustainable mindset is not just a trend for us; it's a fundamental part of our brand philosophy. 

A Vision for the Future

Anea Hill is more than just a luxury sunglass brand; it's a vision brought to life through passion, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. We aim to redefine what it means to wear sunglasses by offering products that provide complete comfort, exceptional style, and uncompromising quality. When you choose Anea Hill, you are not just purchasing a pair of sunglasses; you are making an investment in a brand that values family, sustainability, and high-end craftsmanship.

Lastly, Anea Hill was born out of a personal need and a vision to fill a gap in the market. With sensitive eyes and a desire for perfection, I embarked on this journey to create a brand that embodies everything I value—family, integrity, quality, and sustainability. Welcome to the Anea Hill family. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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