The Santa Barbara and Napa Hats

The Santa Barbara and Napa Hats

Are you ready to meet your new favorite accessory?

The Napa Hat and the Santa Barbara Hat are our first two beautifully handmade hats for ANEA HILL. 

As with everything we create, it is important to us that every item from ANEA HILL is made out of quality materials, in an ethical way. Our hats are all handmade in Ecuador in a way that is completely natural, socially sustainable, and environmentally committed.

Our Napa Hat is the classic panama style, in a warm brown that will surely compliment any outfit. The Panama hat is a specific type of hat, they are crafted and woven out of straw, a technique that historians can trace back to the Valdivian culture (3500 B.C.- 500 B.C.).Whether you love a hat for a day out at a vineyard or the beach, you are sure to look beautiful with this classic piece.

The Santa Barbara Hat is a Panama style hat with a twist. This hat is white in color, and features two genuine leather straps fastened with brass studs to create a more elevated and unique look. One of our personal favorite pieces to pair with your favorite jeans and booties; we think you’ll love these hats just as much as we do. 

Our hats truly are works of art; so it is important that you take care of them. They are genuinely and beautifully handmade from straw which means that they are a little fragile. They could be easily damaged if not traveled within their boxes, or routinely wiped down with a microfiber cloth of similar color. When storing your hat, it should be kept upside down as to not let gravity crush the integrity of your piece. We want you to wear it, flaunt it and be proud of all your ANEA HILL pieces; we just want to be sure that you get to wear your hat time and time again. If you have any questions about the hats or their care, please feel free to reach out to us. 

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We’ll see you on top of the HILL.

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